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Mt. Angel's Fine Dining Experience

Mt. Angel's Living Room

Locally-owned and operated, the Glockenspiel Restaurant and Pub was built with the goal of becoming the gathering place in Mt. Angel, a small Bavarian town in northwest Oregon, but it has already become much more. Set in the middle of town and named for the “Old World” glockenspiel tower it sits directly beneath, the restaurant is growing into the town’s “living room” and a favorite of locals and visitors alike.

Local, Seasonal Emphasis
This success wasn’t an accident and naturally centers on the fresh local food of the Willamette Valley and experienced restaurant staff. The food is a fresh mixture of seasonal Northwest cuisine with a hint of Bavaria prepared by Executive Chef Paul Brakeman (shown in photo on left), who trained with Austrian Chef Ziggy Allespach. And self-trained chef and veteran restaurant Manager Greg Graybeal (right) will make sure your meal at the Glockenspiel is one you will enjoy.

Although we couldn᾿t catch him in the photo shown here, our threesome of fantastic cooking also includes Chef Derek Nelson, who brings Northwest training with Hans D᾿Allessio and Jeff Nizlek. Regardless of which of our fantastic chefs is in the kitchen, each entrée is prepared fresh, from schnitzels to steaks and our desserts are made in-house to finish your meal perfectly.